Parking Permits

Types of Parking Permits

  • Please view the Parking Meter Permit guidelines.
  • An Annual Parking Meter Permit. Click here for application.
  • City Hall is closed to the Public due to Covid-19. You may call Parking Enforcement at 310-318-0611 for assistance.
  • Parking meter permits available for purchase during the year while meter permits last
  • A Riviera Village Merchant/Employee Parking Meter Permit
  • Preferential Parking Permits (by streets/blocks/neighborhoods designated by City Council Resolution)
  • Questions? Call (310) 318-0611

Annual Parking Meter Permits: California License Plates only

  • The Annual Parking Meter Permit allows you to park at any parking meter in Redondo Beach for an unlimited time period with certain exceptions.  
    1. You may not park at any time in a Riviera Village Merchant parking space marked with orange poles and signs.
    2. You may not park at a parking meter in violation of any other State or Municipal law (examples: during restricted hours for street sweeping, during closed parking lot or park hours, as posted, etc.).
    3. Annual Parking Meter Permits are not accepted under the pay by space system within the Pier and Plaza Parking Structures.
  • If you want to pay for your parking permits online click on this link

Riviera Village Employee/Merchant Parking Permits

  • Riviera Village Employee Parking Meter Permit Renewal Letter
  • Riviera Village Employee Parking Meter Permits are only sold to business owners within the Riviera Village at a rate of one permit per each employee reported on the Business License for the business, at a cost of $60.00 per permit per year.
  • They are valid through September 30th of each year and business owners are responsible for purchasing the permits, monitoring usage and retrieving permits after an employee has separated employment.
  • The permit allows the employee to park at certain meters identified by orange color-coded meter poles for up to nine-hours without placing coins within the meter.
  • Vehicles displaying the Annual Parking Meter Permit may park at the meters designated for employee use, but their annual permit is not valid in these spaces, and they must deposit coins in the meter to park legally within these spaces.  
  • Business owners must:
    1. Apply in person
    2. Complete an application form. Click here for Riviera Village Employee/Merchant Parking Permit application
    3. Provide their Business License Certificate.  
    4. Provide valid identification
  • Permits are only sold to the business owner and the number of employees reported on the business license.
  • Merchant/Employee rules as follows:
    1. The permit consists of a 6x3 inch orange placard displaying the permit number and expiration date.
    2. This orange permit is valid only at the designated employee parking spaces identified by orange colored poles.
    3. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to clearly display the permit.
    4. The permit MUST be hung from the vehicle’s rear view mirror facing the rear of the vehicle while in use.
  • If you want to pay for your parking permits online click on this link

Preferential Parking Permits

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Oversized Vehicle Parking Permits

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Senior Parking Permits

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