Can I get a grocery cart picked up?

The City does not provide this type of service. Call the store that owns the grocery cart and ask them to come pick up their property. The store's name generally appears on the child's seat portion of the cart.

You can also call Shopping Cart Retrieval Service at (800) 252-4613 or visit their Cart Retrieval website to fill out a form to request the removal of a shopping cart.

Can I get a newspaper rack removed?

Call the Engineering Department at 318-0661 for information on newsrack placement.

You may find more information at  Open the "Newsrack Permit and Guidelines" form.

Can I post a sign on a telephone pole?

Please refer to the following section of the Redondo Beach Municipal Code.

4-1.201 Signs on public property prohibited.
 No person shall paint, mark, or write on or post, hand or otherwise affix any handbill, sign or similar marking on the following property:
 (a) Public sidewalk, crosswalk, curb, curbstone, lamp post, hydrant, tree, shrub, tree stake or guard, fire alarm or fixture, police facility or appurtenance, lighting system equipment or appurtenance, sewer vent pipe, public bridge, railroad trestle, railroad signaling device, drinking fountain, buoy, life preserver, life boat, street sign, traffic control sign or device, trash receptacle, parking meter or any public property substantially the same as property listed herein;
 (b) Public walls, benches, pier structure, or any other public property located in the Harbor Pier area as defined in Section 12-1.108 of this Code;
 (c) The confines of any public park, recreation, area, or other type of landscaped grounds, including parkways and medians owned or operated by the City;
 (d) Nothing in this section shall apply to the painting of house numbers upon curbs under authorization by the City Council;
 (e) Nothing contained in this section shall prevent any of the following:
 (1) The posting or placing of any banner sign across any City managed banner poles;
 (2) The posting or placing of any notice, sign or device used exclusively for giving public notice of the name, direction or condition of any public highway, street, lane, road, or alley;
 (3) The posting or placing of any notice, sign or device used exclusively for giving public notice of a public hearing;
 (4) Any sign promoting or evidencing sponsorship of any event for which a reservation from the Department of Parks and Recreation is required, provided such sign is located at the site which is reserved for use. (§ 1, Ord. 1896 c.s., eff. December 1, 1965, as amended by § 1, Ord. 2628 c.s., eff. August 1, 1991).

Can I put up a sign for a yard/garage sale?

Yes, you are allowed one temporary garage sale sign located on the property where the sale is occurring, with a maximum size of 6 square feet.  Other signs on telephone poles or in the public right-of-way are not allowed. 

How do I apply to be on a City Commission?

Commission information and online application can be viewed here:

How do I report a complaint about noisy neighbors?

Call the Police Department at 310-379-2477.

I am homeless where can I find  help ?

Assistance may be obtained at The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. 

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority
548 S. Spring St., Suite 400
Los Angeles 90013
Phone (213)683-3333
Fax: (213)892-0093
Infoline Hotline: (323)686-0950
Internet home page:

Administers funding to organizations providing services to homeless persons in Los Angeles County. Administers cold-weather programs at winter shelters and California National Guard armories Countywide for homeless individuals and families seeking relief from the cold and rain.

When does the City Council meet?

The City Council generally holds its meetings on the first, second and third Tuesdays of each month.  The Council may hold meetings on other Tuesdays if they can't accomplish the entire agenda from the previous week's meeting.  The Council may also hold special meetings on other days as necessary.  Please check the City's Council and Commissions Calendar for more information.

Where can I find job related advice?

Job related information is available at the California Department of Employment at :   and

1220 Engracia Avenue Jobseekers:
310 782-2101