Are Fire Safety Inspections required for my business?

The Fire Department conducts fire and life safety occupancy inspections in each business within the community on an annual basis. Areas that are inspected include those in which the general public has access.

Items such as panic hardware, smoke detectors, fire alarms, automatic fire sprinkler systems and portable fire extinguishers are inspected to ensure operational readiness. Additionally, exit lights and occupant load signs must be present.

Should a violation exist, a Notice of Correction will be issued to the responsible party.  Generally, 21 days will be give to correct the defects. Should additional time be necessary, you may contact the Fire Prevention Division and request an extension.

Call the Fire Department at 310-318-0663 for more information.

Can I get a sign for my business?

Yes, signage is handled by the Planning and Building Departments. 

Contact Planning first to review type and size of signs, then Building can approve installation through a building permit. 

You may contact Planning staff members at  You may call the Planning department at 310-318-0637.

You may contact the Building Department at, or by calling 310-318-0636.

Both departments are located at City Hall:  415 Diamond Street, Redondo Beach, CA  90277, Door 2.

Do I need a fire inspection for my business?

Contact the Fire Department at for more information, or call 310-318-0663 and ask to speak to someone in fire prevention.

How can I arrange to sell goods or services at an event in the City?

The first thing you will need to do is obtain a business license. For all contact, application, and fee information, click here.

How do I apply for a Small Business loan ?

Contact the Small Business Association at :                                          


U.S. Small Business Administration 
Business Information Center
Attn: Ken Davis
3600 Wilshire Blvd. Suite L100
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 251-7253 voice
(213) 251-7255 fax

How do I find out about bidding for City contracts?

Please click on the link below to be directed to the City's Purchasing webpage to view Bid & RFP opportunities for general purchases:

To view Bid opportunities for Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, please click on the link below to be directed to Engineering Services:

How do I transfer my business to a new owner?

A business license is not transferable and the new owner needs to obtain a new business license. For more information see "What licenses do I need to start a new business?"

How does the City pay a bill or invoice for goods and/or services?

Please contact Accounts Payable in the Financial Services Department at (310) 318-0601 or click on the link below for additional information:

How much does a business license or permit cost?

Business license tax rates vary for different types of businesses. 

For more information, please contact Business Licensing at (310) 318-0603 or click on the link below:

I want to hold an outdoor / open-air event... do I need a permit?

Special outdoor retail sales and promotions, carnivals, Christmas tree lots, and similar unique events require a Temporary Use Permit.  You may find information on Temporary Use Permits in the Municipal Code, Chapter 10, Article 2, 10-2.2520.   The Municipal Code can be accessed at

For more information, contact the Planning Department at 310-318-0637 or

Please obtain an application from the Planning Department at City Hall, 415 Diamond St.,  Door E., at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. 

What are my responsibilities for the sidewalk outside my business?

If the sidewalk outside your business is on private property, it is your responsibility to maintain it.  If the sidewalk outside your business is on public property, it is the City's responsibility. 

Contact Engineering at or 310-318-0661 for more information or if you need help determining the private and public property.

What licenses do I need to start a business?

You will need a City Business License. 


To obtain a business license application and/or additional information, please contact Business Licensing at (310) 318-0603 or click on the link below: