Emergency Information

How do I contact FEMA/state disaster agencies/local disaster agencies?

The phone number for FEMA is (202) 646-2500.

Mailing Address:

Federal Emergency Management Agency
500 C Street S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20472

How do I find out about flooding and how to prepare for it?

The best way to be prepared for any kind of emergency is to join CERT.  CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) prepares individuals to become self-sufficient in case of catastrophic emergencies.  Visit the Fire Department's homepage (under City Offices on the City of Redondo Beach homepage) for details.

Information about flooding is available from FEMA and the LA County Dept. of Emergency Services:


How do I obtain general emergency management information?

Los Angeles County Office of
Emergency Services

1275 N. Eastern Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90063
(323) 980-2261
(323) 881-6897 fax


How do I, and when should I, shut off the gas to my house?

Typically, you should never shut off the main gas line to your house.  If you need more information, contact The Gas Co. by phone at 1-800-427-2200.

Where are the public disaster shelters?

Knob Hill Community Center located at 320 Knob Hill, Redondo Beach, CA: 
Alta Vista located at 715 Julia Street, Redondo Beach, CA:  
Wilderness Park located at 1102 Camino Real, Redondo Beach, CA: 
Aviation Gym located at 1935 Manhattan Beach Boulevard:  

School District Sites:
Alta Vista Elementary School located at 815 Knob Hill, Redondo Beach, CA.
Beryl Elementary School located at 920 Beryl Street, Redondo Beach, CA.
Birney Elementary School located at 1600 Green Lane, Redondo Beach, CA.
Jefferson Elementary School located at  Harkness, Redondo Beach, CA.
Madison Elementary School located at 2200 MacKay Lane, Redondo Beach, CA.
Tulita Elementary School located at 1520 Prospect Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA.
Washington Elementary School located at 1100 Lilienthal Lane, Redondo Beach, CA.
Adams Middle School located at 2600 Ripley Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA.
Parras Middle School located at 200 N. Lucia, Redondo Beach, CA.
Lincoln School located at 2223 Plant Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA.
Redondo Union High School located at 631 Vincent Park, Redondo Beach, CA.
Redondo Shores located at 1000 Del Amo Street, Redondo Beach, CA.

Where can I find information about  an emergency shelter?

Emergency Medical Services Agency
Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
5555 Ferguson Dr., #220, Commerce 90022
Phone (323)890-7500
Fax: (323)890-8528

Serves as the lead agency for the emergency medical services system at the local level and is responsible for coordinating all system participants, both public and private, to include fire departments and law enforcement as well as ambulance companies providing "9-1-1" emergency response and prehospital care services. Manages the countywide trauma and pediatric emergency response systems and facility disaster response. Conducts a paramedic training program and approves emergency medical technician (EMT-I) and paramedic training programs countywide. Questions, complaints or issues regarding to provision of emergency services should be directed to the EMS Agency.

Who do I contact if a fire hydrant has been hit by a car?

Call 9-1-1

Who do I contact if a fire hydrant has been opened?

Contact the California Water Company at (310) 257-1400. 

Who do I contact if a water main has been broken?

Call 9-1-1

Who do I contact if the water pressure has dropped in my neighborhood?

For California Water Company, call 310-257-1400.