Survey on Cannabis Regulation Now Open!

April 21, 2022 

We want your feedback - share your thoughts on the forthcoming cannabis regulations in Redondo Beach. Click HERE to begin the survey!

Traffic Complaint Hotline (310) 937-6605

March 7, 2022 

If you'd like to report an issue in regards to a non-emergency traffic concern, please call the City of Redondo Beach Traffic Complaint Hotline. This hotline was established to assist Citizens with ongoing neighborhood traffic complaints such as speeding and other hazardous violations. Often times certain traffic complaint locations are a recurring problem which may need to be monitored more frequently. Please provide the location of the traffic complaint along with a brief description of the violation including the time of day the violation happens most frequently. The Redondo Beach Police Department will assist in addressing the ongoing neighborhood traffic complaint. If you would like to speak to a Traffic Officer, please provide your contact information.

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October 12, 2021 

The County of Los Angeles Public Works and Public Health departments, and the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD), are addressing reports of odors in the vicinity of Dominguez Channel in Carson, West Carson and neighboring communities.

The source of this gas and related odor is believed to be the natural decay of organic material (vegetation and marine life) at the bottom and sides of the Dominguez Channel. The odor is sufficiently pervasive to be considered a public nuisance to residents and those working and recreating nearby.

Los Angeles County Public Works is working aggressively to identify ways to address conditions within the channel, reduce the odor, and determine how long this naturally occurring event may last. However, until the odor event subsides, Public Health recommends preventing outdoor odors from entering the home by keeping doors and windows closed as much as possible while odors are present.

If you notice “rotten egg” or “sulfur” odors, you can report them. A complaint can be filed online with South Coast Air Quality Management District at, or by telephone at 800-CUT-SMOG (800-288-7664).

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