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Residential Design Guidelines Update

Residential Design Guidelines Update

The City hosted a Virtual Community Workshop via Zoom on Monday January 10, 2022 to launch an update to the Residential Design Guidelines to develop Objective Residential Design Standards.

The City is launching a community survey to gain community input on preparing the objective standards. The survey will be available through January 31, 2022. Here is a summary sheet of the project and process, as well as a link to the survey:

If you would like to provide any additional feedback or provide more detailed input on preparing the objective standards, you may do so by sending your comments to

For those who want a bit more information before completing the survey, below you will find the Virtual Community Workshop video and the PowerPoint presentation:

You can also view the Virtual Community Workshop video in the City’s YouTube channel (

The Residential Design Guidelines provide criteria to guide residential development in residential zones throughout the City.  The current guidelines were adopted in 2003 and require an update.

Current Residential Design Guidelines (2003)

The goal for the update is to provide straight-forward criteria that aim to reflect existing character of neighborhoods so new buildings are compatible with established development. The City wants to:

  • Encourage housing that fits well
  • Capture opportunities for new/updated housing in single-family and multi-family neighborhoods
  • Adopt standards for the R-1A zone, aka "Tall and Skinny" homes
  • Maintain overall community character

The updated guidelines would:

  • Guide design of buildings through illustrations, diagrams, and photo samples
  • Provide clear direction to applicants and staff
  • Provide standards that are verifiable and measurable